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Baling Press Installation

»Monday, October 5,2009

Baling Press Installation at SCA TottenInstallation of two baling press systems for SCA Recycling at their brand new Material Recycling Facility (MRF) located in Southampton is now complete.  This new facility, which will soon be fully operational, features Macpresse baling systems supplied and installed by R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd., of Telford, Shropshire.  SCA Recycling chose the very latest MRF technology to be able to produce recyclable material of the highest quality.  Robin Collier, Operations Director for SCA Recycling, commented “We chose R.C.P Macpress (UK) because they offered us a cost effective solution that provided us with the flexibility to process a wide range of recyclable materials.”

The two baling press system is designed to process both bulky and processed material, with the first Macpresse machine processing material direct from the MRF, which includes: paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic film, ferrous and non-ferrous cans.  This machine is fitted with a Mac 700 Fluffer, a bale conditioner designed to give equal bale quality regardless of whether the material baled is paper or plastics.  This process guarantees maximum bale density across all grades delivering maximum payload potential when loading trailers.  Production through the MRF will average 17 tonnes per hour.  The Mac 111/1 baling press with its 170 tonnes of ram pressure, powered by two energy efficient 55 kW motors, will easily handle this and allow for further growth.

The second baling press system has a Mac 2000 hogger incorporated in to it, and will handle source separated and large piece material that do not need to pass through the MRF system. This machine also allows for material to be presented for baling from the MRF if required.  

Flexibility is key with modern MRF operations and by discussing and understanding market changes, R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd have installed the right solution for SCA Recycling taking into consideration their broadened customer base that includes local authorities, waste management companies, printers and various other commercial and industrial sources.  

R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd have also committed to a five-year preventative maintenance programme (equivalent to a five-year guarantee) with SCA Recycling. With fixed costs for the duration of the contract, R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd will manage the total service schedule, supply all spare parts (including consumables) and respond to callouts and breakdowns to set standards. This package offers SCA Recycling and other R.C.P Macpress clients peace of mind, fixed cost accounting and ensures maximum uptime with increased reliability and performance.

For further details of Macpresse recycling equipment please contact Paul Godfrey, R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd., 01952 630001 or visit


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