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“We were very impressed with the imagination shown in last year’s competition and this year’s shortlist looks equally impressive,” explains John Kellett, general manager of the company’s Heating Systems Department.

“This year’s competition challenges UK architects to rethink homes and design them for our ageing population whilst helping to create communities that demonstrate attention to environmental and resource issues,” he adds. “This is very much in line with our way of thinking.”

Mitsubishi Electric has developed the Ecodan® range of air source heat pumps to be as easy to install and use as possible, whilst delivering lower running costs and less than half the CO2 emissions than traditional heating methods. 

Ecodan – itself an award-winner – is suitable for both new properties and for retro-fitting and there are now over 300 Approved Ecodan Installer companies nationwide.

A Panel of Judges, chaired by RIBA President Sunand Prasad, has short-listed seven architects for the competition.  They are:  Shell House – Design4D Architects; The GROW Home – John McCall Architects; John Smith’s House – Ice Architects; “Sunnyside Up” House – Kosi Architects; The Allsorts House – Oliver Chapman Architects; Light Gallery House – PCKO Architects; and the Flat Pack House – Stride Treglown Tektus.

These designs will now be presented to the readers of The Mail on Sunday for their collective vote and it is planned that the design with the most reader votes will then be built by a volume house builder for speculative sale. A £2,500 prize will be presented to the architect responsible at the Awards’ presentation on September 17 at The London Marriott Grosvenor Square.

“The emphasis that must now be placed on energy use in our homes, presents tremendous challenges and opportunities for the building industry and it is up to manufacturers such as us to not only provide the equipment to help achieve this low carbon future but also encourage architects, construction companies and builders to come up with the most innovative solutions,” ends Kellett. 

Further details on the full range of products, advice on where to find an approved installer or on how to become and Approved Ecodan Installer, are all available at or by calling 01707 278666.


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