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Dial Green

» Carbon Neutral Telecommunications

Carbon Neutral Telecommunications

Dial Green is the first telecommunications company in the UK, which is solely based around environmental sustainability and carbon reduction for it’s B2B customers.


Products include carbon neutral telephone, internet services, video conferencing and consultancy services.

The real benefits that Dial Green brings, is a service that saves environmental impacts associated with the high carbon telecommunications industry, together with lower costs for it’s services, creating a win-win scenario.

Dial Green has influenced its suppliers and in doing so, has been a key partner with Kingstons in developing a ground breaking calculator to assess the carbon impacts of telephone calls. This calculator has since been approved by the Carbon Neutral Company and their independent advisors, which may mean these calculations can be passed on to other telecommunications companies in the future, thus helping this industry develop a much cleaner footprint.

Within the telecommunications industry, Dial Green is the only provider offering such a comprehensive added value service at present in the UK.

The offices have been reclaimed from an old building within the much larger grounds of Millbrook – a Gold Awarded environmentally friendly holiday cottages business. They are powered by various on-site renewable sources including a biomass boiler powered from the waste of a neighbouring saw mill business, solar panels for hot water, solar PV panels and a water turbine for energy. A wind generator is also being evaluated to be installed later this year/early 2010, this is expected to generate enough excess energy to be able to be fed back into the national grid, making Dial Green ‘Carbon Negative’.

Within the grounds, a large tree-planting scheme has been undertaken to install up to 10, 000 native broad leaved trees to help the bio-diversity of the area, re-instate natural woodland and to help offset Dial Green’s and Millbrook’s carbon emissions. As part of Dial Green’s pricing structure, an industry first has been developed to plant a further ten trees for every quotation that fails to beat existing telecom costs.

All Dial Green’s services are offset using ‘Carbon Offsets Ltd’ which are calculated using the unique carbon calculating tool.

Dial Green are continuously evaluating it’s supply chain to further its impacts on the environment and have a policy of buying local to reduce road miles.

The benefits of Dial Green to a wider community are threefold: allows every company in the UK to reduce it’s environmental impacts simply by using the telephone, internet or video conferencing services as well as reducing costs educating clients on the environmental impacts of a simple action – such as using the telephone – it often starts a journey that shows the full costs of running a business and the value of having a true green supply chain. may enable the entire telecommunications industry to assess their carbon footprints much more accurately.

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Dial Green

Dial Green


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When it comes to being green the telecommunications industry is notoriously off colour
Whether it be blotting the landscape with vast masts, whipping up a media frenzy over the potential health risks of said masts or sapping gigawatts of electricity to power its network, barely a week goes by that the sector does not create headline news for all the wrong reasons.
Energy Efficient Telecoms
Situated in the picturesque Millbrook Estate in High Bickington, near Umberleigh are the offices of Dial Green, the only Telecoms Provider in the UK which is fully self sufficient in terms of energy use.