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Innovative adaptive kitchen from Chamois helps families stay together

Chamois, the UK’s only eco-kitchen supplier , unveiled  the most versatile kitchen yet on the British market at the CIH Exhibition in Harrogate.

The pioneering Elan kitchen range recognises that different family members have different needs and helps the young, old, super-fit, or mobility impaired, to live happily together.  Numerous aids and adaptation options help individuals with health or mobility issues to live full and independent lives within their family, or even alone, with reduced call on helpers or social services.

The Elan kitchen range draws together numerous innovations built into previous kitchens by Chamois for social housing projects as well as luxury housing schemes and  is the product of nearly three decades of experience.  Features include:

  • Numerous safety and access options, depending on users’ needs
  • Complete storage solutions that do not discriminate against the old, young, tall, short or wheelchair users
  • Common-sense appliance positioning – and appliance safety features
  • Virtually full (at least 95%) access to corner,  floor and wall units
  • Highly innovative, germ-resistant,  recycled glass worktop options


Andrew Jones-Dutt , Chamois Managing Director commented:

“This kitchen emphatically demonstrates our deep experience, knowledge and understanding of today’s social housing and household needs.  Enabling all family members, whatever their level of mobility, to share the same kitchen is an important factor in holding families together and ensuring that all residents are happy and safe in their own homes.

We are uniquely positioned  to deliver highly attractive and innovative kitchens at very short notice on the day that they are required. The fact that they are so appreciated by residents and that they then last for a very long time is also a huge advantage for housing managers, developers and associations.”

Chamois kitchens pass every test of quality, finish and durability, with no visual clue to their origins in recycled wood and wood products, and give true green credibility to both new and refurbished property developments.  Chamois has supplied the leading eco-developments in Britain, including the award-winning Summerfield Eco-village as well as many social and specialist sheltered accommodation projects across the country.  The company provides a variety of service options including a complete void service when required and has long-term relationships with Britain’s leading housing associations.


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