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No Emission electric scooters, electric mopeds

»Wednesday, November 11,2009

Electric Scooters | Electric MopedsA forward thinking North East company is encouraging people to change the way they travel from A to B by ‘charging-up’ not ‘filling-up’ their transport  in the traditional way.

County Durham based company, Elecscoot, believes that ‘going green’ with an electric scooter could provide an environmental and sustainable alternative to today’s standard petrol-guzzling vehicles, whilst also being

the key to beating the crippling costs of petrol, road tax and insurance.

“Not only are electric scooters environmentally friendly, but they generate little noise and are very cheap to run.” said Fiona Hall Lib Dem Euro-MP for the North East, who visited Elecscoot this week.

Distributors Elecscoot, believe they are well placed to fill a gap in the region’s expanding electric vehicle industry and with One North East pledging £30m to develop electric vehicle infrastructure in the region, Fiona

believes the North East could become the lead region of electric vehicle research, development and manufacturing.

With at least one council already trialling the electric scooters in the region, Elecscoot is keen for more cities in the North East to become ‘eco-scooter friendly’.
Said Fiona: “In London there are plans to convert disused petrol stations into electric vehicle charge up centres. That could be a way forward in the North East too, as part of the development of a network of charging

points. If the current lack of charging points is remedied, many people would be keen to purchase an electric vehicle and abandon petrol forever.”  

Ian Allison, Manager of Elecscoot, said: “The advantages of owning an electric scooter are huge. On average, a small hatchback petrol car would cost about £3500 per year to run and leaves a carbon footprint of around 8 tonnes. In contrast, electric scooters cost only £26.88 a year to run and the carbon footprint is tiny! If the number of people taking to the streets in electric vehicles rose and charging points were to become a reality, congestion on the A1for example could be dramatically reduced.

This is the cleanest, greenest and fastest mode of emission free transport on offer to date and the only form of transport which puts money back in your pocket.”


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