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Energy Saving Solutions

Enigin’s unique and sophisticated Eniscope provides live, real-time data of electricity usage at the point of metering, typically the incoming mains. This allows the effects of building and resource usage to be assessed, as well as providing continuing evidence of savings achieved.

The built-in web server which communicates directly with the customer’s IT local area network, allows the meter to be viewed at any computer on the premises.

Able to be installed by any competent electrician, and preconfigured to be compatible with the ICT setup at the customer’s premises, the meter installation is a simple and straightforward process, without interruption of supply.

Enigin’s monitoring and analysis software provides historical data, captured every half hour from the meter, and stored either locally on an existing or new dedicated local server, or on Enigin’s hosted web servers on the internet. In either case the data can be viewed using a standard browser on any computer with access to the server, using a simple logon procedure.

The installation of a local web server to make live data available to all computers on site, allows multiple users, and can include bespoke front-end software for large screen display and presentation use.


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