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Approximately 20% of the clothing collected isn’t suitable for Re-use as clothing as such it is cut into industrial rag wipers for use in industry for cleaning.  Textile wipes are a 100% recycled product, there use as an alternative to paper or non woven’s helps conserve the world natural resources.

LMB Supplies not only manufactures and sell textile wipes but a large range of janitorial and cleaning products.  Where possible LMB source and supply environmentally conscious cleaning products, such as Ecover in addition to numerous other specialist brands.
Established in 1985, LMB began manufacturing industrial wipers as a means to dispose of clothing that wasn’t suitable for re-use.

In 1997 The Britannia Wiper Company Ltd (LMB Supplies) was born acquiring separate freehold premises and stocking an ever increasing range of consumable products business. In 2007 LMB Supplies relocated to a modern warehouse unit allowing for easier stock control and providing a trade counter facility for local companies and contract cleaners operating in the London Docklands and City.

In order to provide greater awareness of the full recycling service offered by the LMB Group LMB Supplies changed its name to LMB Supplies in July 2007.

When LMB started in business over two decades ago, being green wasn't high on everyone's agenda. Today, however, it is a responsibility for us all. LMB Supplies wiper range gives old textiles a new life as strong, absorbent, cotton wipers. The manufacturing process helps to remove unwanted textiles from the waste stream and recycles them into uniform wipers, which are an alternative to disposable paper towels and non-woven’s.

Like its wipers many of LMB Supplies products are also environmentally conscious, as where possible, it offers products that don't impact on the environment, so preserving it for future generations. To ensure this, LMB Supplies operates to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental Standards, and it is a signatory to the Mayor's Green Procurement Code and holder of the Green Mark.

LMB Supplies has built upon these green credentials by sourcing a wide range of products that are either made from recycled materials, or through their use reduce the harmful effects on the environment. As such, LMB Supplies considers itself and many of the products it sells to be environmentally conscious.

It aims to make your green procurement as easy as possible, whether that's simply buying your refuse bags made from recycled plastic or knowing that your paper towels have come from a sustainable source, such as the SCA range of Tork products.

Plus LMB Supplies can also offer green alternatives you might never have thought of. For example, it carries a translucent anti-graffiti paint which can be sprayed over any signage, protecting it and increasing its life span, so that any graffiti or bill posters will instantly wash off, therefore saving time, money and effort in cleaning with harsh chemicals.

LMB Supplies appreciates that the longest journey must start with the smallest step, so we work with our customers in helping them choose products that set them on the right path for their green procurement targets. So if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call our office and talk to a friendly voice.

LMB Supplies places great value in its people and is proud to have customers and staff that have been with us since day one.

Its founders and partners Lawrence and Joy Barry have now handed over the daily running of the company to their son Ross Barry, who is the third generation of the family to work in the industry.

Ross manages the company headquarters aided by Carol Andrews, LMB Supplies production manager and her team of cutters, and long-serving bookkeeper Irene Hawkes.

Dave Pearce heads up the sales team with the vastly experienced Paul Fell, Michelle Baker with her unique style handles the customer’s day to day requirements.

On the front line we have the friendly faces of Peter and Dave making the deliveries along with the Palletway’s and Tufnell’s courier services, whilst James and team ensure that the warehouse is full and organized.

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