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Solar Heating Installation

Solar Power


Stokvis Energy systems, established in 1985 are a national provider of Boiler Plants, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pressure sets, Booster sets, Solar thermal systems, bio diesel boilers and fully equipped packaged plant rooms.  » Read more about Stokvis

Sky Flair Ltd

Based in Cheshire Sky Flair Ltd are an ethical renewable energy specialist, offering Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Wind Turbines, Pellet stoves and Pellet Boilers.  » Read more about Sky Flair Ltd

  •  Solar Hot Water Heating 
  •  Solar (PV) Panel Installation 
  •  PV Installers 
  •  Pellet Stoves and Burners 
  •  Energy Efficient Heating 
  • NMC UK Ltd

    NMC is an internationally leading company active in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams.   » Read more about NMC UK Ltd

  •  Synthetic Decking 
  •  Reusable Packaging 
  •  Recyclable Packaging 
  •  Insulation For Solar Heating Applications 
  •  Foam Leisure Equipment 
  •  Domestic Pipe Insulation 
  •  Commercial Pipe Insulation 
  •  Architectural Mouldings 
  • GHE Solar

    GHE Solar is a division of Grange Homes Berkshire Ltd, a successful Property Development company operating around the Berkshire area, specifically in Newbury.   » Read more about GHE Solar

  •  Solar Hot Water Heating 
  •  Solar Hot Water 
  •  Solar (PV) Panel Installation 
  •  PV Installers