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Solar Powered Chargers and Solar Bags

Echarger Ltd is a small company aiming to make a big difference to the environment by offering a range of environmentally friendly – and extremely useful – battery and mobile chargers for people on the move or out of reach of a standard power supply.

Offering the following products:

  • emergency charger
  • solar mobile charger
  • solar bags ranging from business bags
  • messenger bags
  • city style bags
  • pouch

Echarger’s range of fashionable, energy efficient and solar travel chargers is available in a variety of formats to suit a wide range of portable gadgets.

The solar mobile charger, emergency charger and solar bags supplied by the business are just right for any occasion. Available on the website, the products are beautifully constructed and last for life.

Echarger Ltd has an expanding network of clients, located in and around London, including Eco friendly sites. The company is managed by Tony Momoh who has been focusing on the business for many years. Having previously worked for the IT industry, Tony Momoh is more than qualified to look after the company.

With a fully fitted workshop and fully qualified staff, the company provides a professional b2b to businesses. The service is designed to cost effective, enabling clients to make a difference to save the planet economically.

Company Services

  • Solar travel chargers
  • Solar Powered Phone Charger
  • Solar Powered MP3 Charger
  • Solar Mobile Charger
  • Solar Emergency Charger
  • Solar bags

Echarger Ltd

Echarger Ltd

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