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Low Emission Heating

Energy Efficient Heating

EcoSmart Fire Ltd

The EcoSmart™ Fire is an Australian innovation - an environmentally friendly open fire-furniture.  » Read more about EcoSmart Fire Ltd

  •  Low Emission Heating 
  •  Environmentally Friendly Furniture 
  •  Energy Efficient Heating 
  • Mitsubishi Electric Europe

    Over 75% of the energy we use in our homes goes on space and water heating, so if we can find more energy efficient ways of providing this, we can really start to make a difference to the nation’s energy consumption, house by house.   » Read more about Mitsubishi Electric Europe

  •  Manufacturing 
  •  Low Emission Heating 
  •  Design 
  •  Air Source Heat Pumps 
  •  Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturers 
  •  Affordable, Low Carbon Heating 
  • Stokvis

    Stokvis Energy systems, established in 1985 are a national provider of Boiler Plants, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pressure sets, Booster sets, Solar thermal systems, bio diesel boilers and fully equipped packaged plant rooms.  » Read more about Stokvis

    Eco Angus Ltd

    Eco Angus supply wood gasification log boilers, multi-fuel wood burners and pellet boilers available in sizes suitable for both domestic and light commercial premises.  They are a small friendly family business based just south of Bristol airport and offer simple and reliable environmentally sound heating packages at affordable prices.  Read more about Eco Angus Ltd.  » Read more about Eco Angus Ltd

  •  Angus Super Gasification Boiler 
  •  Angus Pellet Boiler 
  •  Angus Orlan Gasification Boiler 
  •  Angus Evo Wood Boiler 
  • MHG Heating Ltd

    MHG Heating Ltd From Germany MHG produce and distribute premium quality products to 36 countries.   » Read more about MHG Heating Ltd

  •  Low Emission Heating 
  •  Energy Efficient Heating 
  •  Central Heating System 
  •  Affordable, Low Carbon Heating 
  • Efficient Lighting

    Why choose Efficient Light?Efficient Light specialise in making homes and businesses more energy efficient, focused around the area of lighting.  » Read more about Efficient Lighting

  •  Wood burning stoves 
  •  Lighting Suppliers 
  •  Lighting 
  •  LED Suppliers 
  •  Energy Saving Light bulbs 
  •  Energy Efficient Lighting 
  •  Energy Efficient Heating 
  • Sustainable Building and Construction

    1. Code Consultants
    2. Energy Efficient Heating
    3. Energy Efficient Lighting
    4. Energy Management
    5. Facilities Management
    6. Green Building Materials
    7. Green Homes
    8. Landscaping
    9. Rainwater Harvesting
    10. Solar Power
    11. Sustainable Architecture
    12. Sustainable Materials
    13. Sustainable Refurbishment
    14. Utilities
    15. Wind Power
    16. Environmental Research and Consultancy
    17. Environmentally Friendly and 100% Recycled Products
    18. Green Money
    19. Green Office
    20. Low Emission and Green Transport
    21. Renewable Energies
    22. Waste and Recycling