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Natural Sustainable Paints, Natural Insulations, Mineral Pigments

Earth and Reed was established as East Anglia's first Eco-Building and Decorating Centre  in 2000 by Christopher North and Margery Ward.  They sell their sustainable building and decorating materials throughout Britain.


This business was formed as a joint venture by Christopher and Margery pooling their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience in the built environment, timber conservation and ecological sciences. They feel that people have forgotten that traditional building skills and   techniques were sustainable; they still are. They aim to promote the revival of these valuable practices as well as create a clear understanding of the benefits of good new technology. They believe that educating customers in the use of these products is extremely important and they do this by providing guidance in their shop and by running training courses.

They manufacture their own eco-friendly range of natural sustainable paints under the banner of 'Suffolk Green Paints'. This includes a specialist limewash called Manor House Lime, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces, a water-based Fence and Barn Paint that creates a tough coating for timber but which is plant and animal friendly, and Hard Oil for internal timbers and floors, including brick, stone and slate.  These are excellent products which are only available from Earth and Reed.

Further products in the pipeline are environmentally-responsible coloured timber stains, a plinth and concrete paint and new interior paints.
They also retail an additional range of non-toxic and breathable paints, such as  emulsions, water-based eggshells and claypaints. Sustainable building materials available include woodstrip insulation boards, English hydraulic lime and lime putty. They supply natural insulation materials such as sheepswool and cellulose fibre made from recycled newspaper.

In 2008 Earth and Reed won the Greenest Small Business in Suffolk Award and were also finalists in Barclay's Green Leaders in Business Award.

Both directors come from a background in education and take pleasure in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasms. Margery Ward is the Marketing Director, with wide experience in PR and network marketing. Christopher North is the Managing Director and is highly qualified and experienced in Historic Building Conservation.

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Company Services

  • Plinth Paint
  • Non-Toxic & Breathable Paints
  • Natural Sustainable Paints
  • Natural Insulation Materials
  • Lime and Limewash
  • Fence and Barn Paint
  • Emulsions
  • ecostain

Earth and Reed Ltd

Earth and Reed Ltd

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Company Articles
Plinth Paint, masonry and concrete paint
This has been specially designed for decorating external plinths that are found on many buildings, especially around Suffolk.
Fence and Barn Paint, wood and timber paint
This is a highly effective water-based paint designed to colour and protect untreated timber used for fencing, weatherboarding and barns.
Emulsions, wall and internal paints
These are the modern replacements for historic distemper used on internal walls.
ecoStain, ecofriendly timber and wood stain
There are a variety of wood stains currently on the market. None are as environmentally-responsible as ecoStain from Earth and Reed.