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Biomass, Solar Hot Water, Solar PV, Wind Turbines

Sky Flair was born around the kitchen table, as are all the best businesses. This was by far my hardest baby to deliver (no gas and air) and like my two human babies it has been trying and joyous in equal measure.

An ethical business is a kind of oxymoron but would you let your children lie, steal and cheat? No, so why would I do business in a way that dishonours me. For us renewable energy is something for nothing. Sun, Wind and Rain are in abundance and are free for those wishing to harness its power so it makes sense to use what we have to hand.


Sky Flair is here to help you understand what is available, their advantages and disadvantages for your particular situation and if something isn’t suitable we say so even if that means we don’t make a sale. We are renewable specialists, it’s all we deal with and is not a ‘bolt on’ to an existing company wanting to cash in on the green market. Our services range from consultancy to architects, developers and businesses, to the design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable energy products for everyday householders.

Solar Hot Water – This is the most recognised form of renewables as the sun is still free (for now anyway) and the UK climate is capable of providing hot water throughout the year – even on overcast days. Most companies offer either flat plate panel collectors or evacuated tube panel collectors and therefore have a vested interest in deriding the other type. We have no axe to grind as we supply both - the choice depends upon individual situations as each have advantages over the other. We only provide the highest quality components and this extends to the other parts of the solar system such as temperature difference controllers (the solar controller), pumps, pumping stations, expansion vessels and flexible solar pipework.

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) – Generate your own electricity and sell surplus back to the National Grid – how cool is that! Following our quality ethos, we don’t sell unbranded PV panels from China. All our panels are manufactured in Germany to the highest of standards so we do know that our systems will still be working efficiently in 25 – 30 years time.

Wind Turbines
– We can supply both Horizontal Axis (HAWT) and Vertical Axis (VAWT) turbines and as with hot water collectors, both have their advantages for certain locations. HAWTs require a free flowing wind flow and are therefore more suited to rural environments. VAWTs on the other hand are much more adept at working in turbulent air and are better suited to urban areas.

Pellet Stoves & Pellet Boilers – A carbon neutral alternative for room and space heating. Our contemporary pellet stoves are designed and built in Italy so are capable of gracing even the largest of rooms providing warmth and hot water to the whole house. The stoves and boilers burn wood pellets so if you thought that having a real flame meant chopping logs on a miserable, rainy night in December then it is time for a rethink and invest in a pellet stove.

Now that thrift is the new buzz word and renewables is all about spending less and living more Sky Flair is here to help you make it happen.

Company Services

  • Solar Hot Water Heating
  • Solar (PV) Panel Installation
  • PV Installers
  • Pellet Stoves and Burners
  • Energy Efficient Heating

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