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In-vessel composting systems, Composting, Agricultural Contractors

Ag Bag Systems offer our specialised in-vessel composting system, to waste management companies, local authorities, and water companies In particular we specialise in In-vessel forced aeration composting using Ag bag composting machinery. The Eco-Pod in-vessel composting system can be supplied on a contract, rental or purchase depending on our clients needs.

Ag Bag Systems can process all forms of organic waste streams including food waste and ABP. Using the Eco-Pod mobile flexible in-vessel system we are able to produce compost in 6-8 weeks in the EcoPODs then followed by 30 days maturation.

Our services include help with all the regulatory requirements from planning right through to environmental permitting. We have got sites throughout the UK successfully and economically producing and selling high quality compost the marketing of which we again help with.

Ag Bag Systems have well qualified and trained staff and training of our clients staff in both operation and safety is a very important part of our service. We have a full backup service including stand by machines.

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  • In-vessel Composting System
  • Feed Storage
  • Composting
  • Agricultural Contractors
  • Agricultural Bagging

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