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Waste Processing Solutions and Waste Shredders


Waste processing equipment | balers, sorting systems, etc

BOA  provides durable and cost-efficient recycling and waste processing equipment all over the world.  We do not only supply single waste processing equipment – such as horizontal balers – but also turnkey waste separation systems and processes.  

BOA Recycling Equipment is established in the Netherlands in 1956. Since its start, the company has grown to become a well-known supplier and partner in the recycling industry. The name BOA reflects a broad range of powerful waste processing machinery and recycling solutions.
Proven technologies for waste processing.

We use proven technologies to design and optimize waste flows efficiently.  We combine and apply technologies such as (waste) baling, transporting and handling, shredding and sorting, in order to find the best imaginable waste processing (or handling) solution for our customers.

In our factory in Enschede (the Netherlands) we produce a comprehensive range of waste processing equipment, consisting of the following products:

  • Horizontal balers
  • Bale breakers
  • Bag openers
  • Shredders
  • Reel splitters
  • Conveyors

Other products that are part of sorting systems and that we do not produce ourselves, are selected with care. We maintain close business contacts with several suppliers of other high-quality waste processing and recycling machinery.

Different waste markets – different solutions

We know the different needs and preferences of different waste markets and have devised specific solutions for each market. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions and single products for different waste processing and recycling markets, such as:

  • Paper and Cardboard waste
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Commercial and Industrial waste (C&I)
  • Construction and demolition waste (C&D)
  • Single streams, such as PET
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • And much more…

We continuously focus at improvements, as much as we look at new opportunities in the recycling industry.

Why choose BOA?

We listen to and think along with our customers, which enables us to design the best suitable waste processing solution and to develop new ideas.  

Save considerably on transportation costs?

Upgrade the quality of the recyclables sorted out in a MRF?

Reduce service and maintenance costs?

Whatever waste processing or recycling  objective you have, BOA Recycling Equipment offers robust and reliable waste processing equipment and effective solutions, that ensure our customers to achieve their goals.

Extensive sales & service network

BOA Recycling Equipment has two subsidiaries, one in the United Kingdom and one in Germany, providing strong local sales and maintenance services. We have an extensive sales and service network, with skilled agents and distributors all over the world.

Company Services

  • Waste Processing Systems
  • Waste Management
  • Waste Baling Machines

Boa Recycling Ltd

Boa Recycling Ltd

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