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Recycling and Waste Management Machinery Manufacturer

R.C.P Macpress UK Ltd, the UK arm of R.C.P Systems, and is the UK supplier of Macpresse srl recycling and waste management equipment. Manufactured in Milan, Italy Macrpesse equipment is at the forefront of recycling equipment technology and used throughout the world by many of the industry’s leading companies

Suitable for recycling and reclaiming many materials including: municipal solid waste (MSW), refuse derived fuel (RDF), paper, cardboard, plastic bottles – PET, PE, PVC, packaging, timber, aluminium and steel drink cans there is a Macpresse machine for almost all recyclables.  Complemented by a range of ancillary equipment including conveyors, fluffers, sorting lines and wrapping lines RCP Macpress offer a complete solution for solid waste recycling and waste management. 




The current range of equipment is a combination of advanced engineering, modern manufacturing techniques and intelligent control systems coupled to established designs that have proved their worth over many, many, years. R.C.P Macpress baling presses are designed for continuous operation.  Innovative design has reduced the time taken for scheduled maintenance and the replacement of worn parts to a minimum allowing Macpresse baling presses more time to do the job they were built for – baling recyclables and waste. The heavily constructed frame is specifically designed for the unforgiving environment found in recycling and commercial waste operations. The baling and the extrusion chamber are fully lined with “Hardrox 500” a hard wearing alloy that can withstand the abrasive action of the waste materials and the baling operation.  However these liners will eventually wear out so it is reassuring to know that they can be easily replaced.  The loading hopper, usually fed by a conveyor system, is large to enable rapid loading of bulky materials.  Material that is too large to fit into the baling chamber is cut with the patented serrated shear and allowed too drop into the baling chamber on the next cycle.  The electro-mechanical, horizontal, wire tying system can operate with either traditional steel wire or the latest Macpresse plastic wire, which has been specially developed for those who wish to bale RDF waste to be sent to waste incineration recovery facilities.

The optional Macpresse PLC TD PRO is a unique computer programme designed to provide diagnostic analysis and management reports.  The information is provided in real time, yielding cost per tonne analysis for labour, electrical consumption, baling wire usage, hourly production by grade, uptime and downtime reports together with other statistical data that can be downloaded in Excel format to any main computer via modem link.

Part of the range offered by R.C.P Macpress is the Macpresse L-series baling presses, a range of continuous bailing presses specifically designed for processing MSW, RDF and commercial waste.  The three L-series models, the Mac 110L/1, Mac 111L/1 and Mac 112, can produce from 35 to 70 tonnes of baled waste per hour.  The structure of the L-series baling press is elevated to keep debris away from the tying mechanism and make cleaning easier.  Leachate released during the compaction cycle is collected on L-series models for further processing.  After tying the bales can be wrapped in plastic film using an automatic in-line wrapping unit if required.

All Macpresse machines are designed to provide the highest production and bale density in all types of material.  Bale size has been optimised for loading in export containers and lorries. 

Macpresse is world renown for their application knowledge and their continuous research and development into new and innovative solutions to waste processing and recycling. Unbeatable in many applications and with the reassurance and backing of a global company the R.C.P Macpress range should be incorporated in your recycling or waste management operation.  Further details on all Macpresse equipment can be found by visiting the website

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