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Waste and Recycling Auction, Waste and Recycling auction site

With over 13 years experience, the UK Group has gained extensive knowledge within the Waste and Recycling Industry, enabling them to identify and appreciate the needs of the market.

Over the years, and especially in the current economic downturn, the UK Group has recognised the increasing reliance on releasing capital within the industry. Many companies and local authorities have huge volumes of capital tied up in redundant assets such as unused machinery, vehicles or unavailable yard space due to storage of unwanted containers; by selling these assets, they can regain much needed capital.

Understanding that finding a buyer of such assets can be both time consuming and costly, with little assurance of a sale, the UK Group has found an innovative solution to allow companies and authorities to sell and buy assets with more certainty and ease – introducing

Bin Bay is built upon a simple concept of bringing both buyers and sellers to a central location in order to maximise awareness between both parties. It has been designed to provide an efficient and effective service to all within the Waste and Recycling Industry; creating a one stop ‘online’ shop for all waste related requirements, including buying, selling and/or advertising anything from redundant assets to new or existing products and services. is a clear and easy to use website, built using a basic auction format to enable easy site navigation for all users. There is no limit to what can be sold on Bin Bay and as a result, there is a broad selection of items available; ranging from a bin castor, to a refuse vehicle, to an industrial plot or unit. Bin Bay promotes re-use & recycling, and is intended to encourage all companies and authorities to sell any unwanted waste related items regardless of their condition – don’t scrap it, sell it.

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