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Green Waste Management

Waste Management

Worms Direct UK

Worms Direct was established in 1999 initially we had the simple aim of becoming the leading company in the supply of worms to the fishing industry and the relatively new, worm composting business, why?   » Read more about Worms Direct UK

  •  Worms for wildlife 
  •  Worms for soil improvement 
  •  Worms for birds 
  •  Wormeries 
  •  Worm composting 
  •  Worm compost 
  •  Worm casts 
  •  Domestic Use Composting Worms 
  •  Composting 
  •  Compost tea brewing 
  •  Compost tea brewers 
  •  Commercial Use Composting Worms 
  • KPS Composting Services Ltd

    Located in the South East of England KPS Composting Services is one of the largest sustainable resource management companies with two purpose built sites for organics recycling and one under construction.   » Read more about KPS Composting Services Ltd

  •  Waste Management 
  •  Waste Machinery Hire 
  •  Recycling Machinery 
  •  Recycled Products 
  •  Organic Waste Shredders 
  •  Organic Recycling 
  •  Green Products 
  •  Composting 
  • Waste and Recycling

    1. Agriculture
    2. Pollution Management
    3. Recycling
    4. Training
    5. Waste Machinery
    6. Waste Management
    7. Environmental Research and Consultancy
    8. Environmentally Friendly and 100% Recycled Products
    9. Green Money
    10. Green Office
    11. Low Emission and Green Transport
    12. Renewable Energies
    13. Sustainable Building and Construction