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A UK Waste and Hazardous Waste Management & recycling provider

Neales Waste Management is a company helping others manage their waste

We accept that for as long as people do business, they will create waste. Our role is to help you manage it effectively to create a positive impact on your image, future viability and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Our company has almost 20 years’ experience in the industry and we have been innovating and working above and beyond the minimum legal requirements since we first began.

We now operate throughout the country, offering both off-the-shelf and tailored solutions for smaller businesses through to larger organisations with multiple sites.

The core services we offer allow us to walk you through every stage, from reducing how much waste your company creates in the first instance through to recycling, handling and disposal.


Services we offer:

  • Waste minimisation solutions
  • Collection of dry and liquid waste
  • Static, portable and bespoke compaction systems
  • Environment Agency compliance
  • Confidential data shredding
  • Farming collections and composting


We also offer a range of specialist services including:

Hazardous waste management

The treatment and disposal of hazardous waste has become much more important since new, stricter regulations were introduced in 2005 and revamped further still in 2009.

The new legislation not only covers the way in which wastes are handled by a business but also includes the way it is handled after it leaves the premises. Items including computer monitors and fluorescent tube lights are now classed as hazardous waste so many businesses my find themselves generating hazardous waste for the first time.   

There is increasing pressure on companies to minimise waste and to ensure that unwanted waste is disposed of correctly. To help, Neales offers a wide variety of collection services for the transportation and safe disposal of all hazardous waste streams, including bulk liquids, solids and waste safes and UN approved drums. A detailed on-site analysis to ensure correct identification is also available.

We can also assist as you register as a hazardous waste producer with the Environment Agency and complete the paperwork for individual consignments. We can help you comply and operate with health and safety and COSHH regulations and help you report all stages of your process effectively for all interested parties.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling

The government directive, launched in 2006, now means that all companies must recycle their old technology. At times, this can cross over with the hazardous waste regulations, as some IT and electrical equipment cannot be treated as regular waste. Neales has all the expertise to help remove old technology from your premises, dispose of it effectively to fully comply with the WEEE directive.

Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes and bulbs are harmful and cannot be disposed of to landfill. The many metals involved in their manufacture mean they are potentially harmful to humans and the environment. Neales can help recover and dispose of your tubes safely.

Disaster management

Our total disaster recovery programme will keep the environmental impact to your organisation to a minimum and rapidly restore order. We can establish the source and extent of any contamination and operate a clean up project management service, including vacuum tankers, high pressure jetting and mobile separators. We also offer a full analysis service for review.

Industrial cleaning

Our range of industrial cleaning services includes gully and drain cleaning, tank cleaning, spraybooth cleaning, tank, pit and silo cleaning and high pressure jetting and decontamination.

Washroom solutions

We tailor our washroom solutions to provide clean, hygienic and odour free washrooms. Our expertise covers air freshener and purification, urinal and toilet hygiene, washroom vending, feminine hygiene and handwashing and drying.

Neales is a waste minimisation and recycling company focused on the principles of sustainability and added value. We are fully accredited to ISO 9001 – Quality & ISO 14001 – Environmental standards and operating to ISO 18001 – Health & Safety and also an approved SAFE contractor.

Company Services

  • WEEE Scrap
  • Washroom Solutions
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Hazardous Waste Management

Neales Waste Management

Neales Waste Management

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