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VOC and Odour Control

Waste Management

VOCs may be natural or synthetic. Like organic chemicals in general, there are millions of different compounds which may be classified as VOCs. The compounds the nose detects as smells are generally VOCs. Modern industrial chemicals such as fuels, solvents, coatings, feedstocks, and refrigerants are usually VOCs.

As organic chemicals, VOC may have health consequences. Because they tend toward the gaseous state, management of toxic VOCs is more difficult than with non-volatile compounds. Human exposure to VOCs can be through contact with the solid, liquid, or gaseous forms, inhalation of the gaseous form, or ingestion of the liquid form or solutions containing the VOC.

Because of their health effects, VOCs are regulated in some places. The large number of VOCs combined with their numerous exposure pathways make comprehensive management, discussion or regulation of volatile organic compounds impractical. Instead, subsets of VOCs are regulated by a wide variety of governmental agencies.

Simdean Envirotec

Founded over twenty five years ago and now operating throughout the world, Simdean has exceptional experience of both pollution control engineering and specialist fabrication in corrosion-resistant materials.  » Read more about Simdean Envirotec

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  • Babcock Wanson UK Ltd

    Babcock Wanson have more than 150 years of experience of thermal engineering, there are thousands of efficient plants around the world, which are designed, serviced and maintained by our in-house engineering experts.  » Read more about Babcock Wanson UK Ltd

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  • ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

    ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd. is a UK-based leading international supplier of air pollution control, odour control, dust control and gas conditioning systems to many industrial sectors. ERG also has a branch office in the Middle East and a global network of licensees.   » Read more about ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

  •  VOC and Odour Control 
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