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Based in London, Supplying Electric Mopeds and Electric Scooters throughout the UK.E-City Wheels is a London based company specializing in high power, environmentally friendly electric scooters and mopeds or, as we prefer to call them, Electricycles.


When it comes to the environment, The Gang at E-City Wheels feels that we can no longer afford to ignore or deny the impact that we are having on our planet. However, we also believe that making the right choices and taking the right decisions doesn't have to mean making sacrifices, and, more importantly, it shouldn’t have to cost the Earth.

Our Electricycles come in a wide range of styles and engine sizes. So no matter what your style of riding, budget or where you need to go, we are sure to have an Electricycle that’s right for you.

Their electric engines are virtually silent and maintenance free. Being powered by either Silicone or Lithium-Ion Batteries, they emit no harmful exhaust fumes, helping to keep our cities free from both unwanted noise and
CO2 pollution.

E-City Wheels have a wide range of scooters increasing in range and power.

Just plug them in, charge them up and you're ready to go. Their battery chargers just plug into any regular three-prong outlet. The Electricycles come with the option of a 30miles/hr speed restriction, classifying them as 50cc Mopeds, so a car driver's license is all you need. Our more powerful models come available in an unrestricted version, classifying them as 125cc mopeds, for those who want to take advantage of speeds of up to 65 miles/hr.
Free Road-Tax, Free Congestion Charge, Free Parking and at just pennies to fully charge, The Electricycles will leave more than just the environment happy.

So give us a call today and join the many others who have plugged-in to the Electricycle revolution and go green!

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E-City Wheels

E-City Wheels

The Substation

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United Kingdom

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Tel: 020 7193 7970


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