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»Thursday, November 19,2009


KIRK ENVIRONMENTAL and PERMASTORE are pleased to announce that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement for the UK Municipal & Industrial Markets.

This agreement combines the relative strengths of each organisation in order to provide the Liquid Storage and Treatment Industry with an unrivalled combination of manufacturing and engineering/contracting abilities.

Under the new arrangement PERMASTORE will provide KIRK with its Glass- Fused-to-Steel Bolted Tank Products and KIRK will incorporate these products into their overall packaged solution along with Access Steelwork, GRP Covers, Pipework and BIODOME® Gas Holders; all constructed on site by KIRK's dedicated Site Installation Teams to provide a finished installation of the highest possible quality.

The manufacturing strength of PERMASTORE in combination with the Sales, Engineering, Project Management and Contracting ability of KIRK sets a new standard which should bring Quality, Engineering, Commercial and Asset Life Benefits to Contractors, Consultants, Water Authorities and Waste Management Companies operating in the Industry.

PERMASTORE will focus on their manufacturing business and will continue to invest in the development of new products to compliment their long established and proven ISOFUSION® & TRIFUSION® Brands; whilst KIRK will continue to strengthen and invest in their Sales, Proposals, Manufacturing, Engineering, Project Management and On Site Capabilities in order to provide a continuously improving, high quality service to new and existing customers of both companies.

Robert Cole, Sales Director at PERMASTORE was quoted as saying 'This agreement for the UK Municipal & Industrial Markets has many benefits for the End Customer. The quality of our product combined with KIRKs Engineering and Project Management skills will improve the supply of the finished product to our client base, which over the years has demanded an ever improving service. The best just got better!'

Andrew Peace, Sales Director at KIRK ENVIRONMENTAL added 'We consider this partnership to represent the most significant advancement in our industry for many years. The combination of skills and experience will raise the bar on the level of quality, service and performance in the tank industry. The working partnerships and framework agreements we currently have with our clients will benefit greatly from a unique synergy that will significantly enhance any project.'


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