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The new range can be used on standard heat pumps or heat recovery systems and can achieve COP efficiency levels in excess of 5.0, when linked to a City Multi heat recovery system using excess heating or cooling energy from the overall building system.

The ten models in the range offer between 9 and 21kW of heat output and link to a City Multi air conditioning system to help lower CO2 emissions and reduce running costs.  Included in the range are new 1 metre wide air curtains which have been specially designed for the thinner doorways and entrances more commonly found in offices and smaller retail outlets.  The range is also available as either free-standing or recessed models.

Air curtains have long been used to ensure that the busy entrances of commercial buildings suffer from minimal energy losses when the door is open. They also help the retail sector to operate an open door policy to provide uninterrupted access for passing trade without compromising on comfort.  

The added advantage of these new models is that even when the door is closed they will still continue to operate effectively as part of the building’s heating and cooling system.

When connected to a VRF heat pump system the air curtains require less than a third of the power of an equivalent direct electric heated air curtain and so are considerably cheaper to run.

The use of air curtains is growing as the building services industry looks for ways to combat the challenge of providing levels of internal comfort that legislation demands whilst minimising energy consumption throughout the wide range of different UK weather conditions.

“We launched a stand alone heat pump air curtain at the start of 2008, but there were some customers who also wanted to connect air curtains to their existing VRF air conditioning and, therefore, benefit from the heat recovery operation available in this product range,” explained Philip Ord, Product Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi Electric is responding to a growing market for highly efficient equipment that delivers exceptional performance in the most energy efficient way possible.  For more information on the new range visit our website or call Mitsubishi Electric on 01707 282880.


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