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Saving the Planet?

»Friday, October 16,2009

Everyone is talking about energy saving, carbon footprint, global warming, being green etc. etc. these days, but you sometimes wonder if people realise that these thing are all linked together. The truth is if we don’t do something soon to reduce the amount of energy we use, there won’t be any resources left for our kids to use.

Global warming is a real, scientific, measureable effect. The layers of gas around the planet are getting thicker and thicker, and the heat just can’t get out. By 2050 the whole of the belt around the equator as far north as Madrid, and leaving only Australia and New Zealand in the south, will unusable as agricultural land and practically uninhabitable because of the High temperatures interspersed with violent storms.

Couple this with decreasing reserves of coal, oil and natural gas from 2012 and a world population exploding at exponential rates, switching off that single light bulb suddenly doesn’t seem so insignificant. My years as a successful businessman and consultant, helping companies save money and increase profits, has taught me that every little helps.

In any case, this isn’t about saving the planet, the planet will survive perfectly well on its own; it’s about saving our way of life, our treasured standard of living.

Energy saving ideas and products, like those offered by Enigin PLC, are the first step towards reducing the impact of these inevitable events on our lives, and perhaps more importantly, the lives of our children and our children’s children.

Simple devices which switch lights on and off with motion and daylight sensing, low power lighting such as compact fluorescents and LEDs, modern T5 electronic strip lighting and common-sense control and monitoring can make an enormous difference (sometimes as much as 30%) in energy use in any domestic or commercial application; investment in technologies like these is an investment in the future of the world as we know it.

Other areas where energy can be quickly and easily saved are air conditioning (more of which will be needed as temperatures rise), chillers (these too) and motors; examples of energy saving devices for these are on the Enigin website as well.

It just isn’t acceptable to say “I can’t be bothered”, “someone else will do it”, “it doesn’t affect me”, because it simply does! Saving energy is the one thing that everyone can do to make a contribution to the future of the human race.


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