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Telecommunication Mast Dial Green is the UK’s first eco-friendly telecoms solution for small and large businesses alike.

Devon-based telecoms firm Dial Green offers everything that you would expect from your average telecoms provider: line rental, calls, broadband, teleconferencing and so on.


But unlike the industry’s major players, Dial Green provides its customers with peace of mind that all of the associated carbon emissions of their calls are counterbalanced through reputable carbon offsetting projects.

What’s more they can do it for you at no extra cost with their Match Price Promise, and in nine times out of 10 will actually save you money. In fact, the company is so confident that they will reduce your telecoms bill that they promise to plant 10 trees if they can’t.
David Wood, sales manager, believes that any worthwhile company environmental policy will involve “greening their supply chain”.

“As the UK’s most environmentally aware telecoms company we are able to ensure that they are getting the greenest service and probably saving them money at the same time,” he said.
Dial Green’s offering hinges on the benefits of effective and responsible carbon offsetting, and for that purpose has spent a lot of time seeking out the best services to suit its clients.

The chosen firm, UK-based Carbon Offsets Ltd, has created offsetting projects that are additional (i.e. they would not have happened without offset funding), and include a biomass plant in Brazil, a wind farm in India and an energy efficiency awareness initiative in South Africa.

To calculate the appropriate rate of emissions to offset, Dial Green used research conducted by BT and Cable and Wireless to work out the amount of electricity used to power an average minute long phone call, and sought out an independent body to verify the calculations.
“Every quarter we total all our customers minutes, run that through the equation and use the resulting figure to offset the CO2  tonnage using high quality Certified Emission Reductions projects from Carbon Offsets Ltd,” said David.

Dial Green is an associate of Dial, which has been supplying telecoms solutions for 15 years. Dial Green was launched last year and already has in excess of 500 customers, including local authorities and government agencies, with a turnover in excess of £1.5 million.

Aside from looking after its customers’ emissions the company is committed to eradicating its own and today its offices better than carbon neutral. It already has PV panels and a 750W water turbine supplying electricity, solar panels for all of its hot water and a biomass boiler for heating, and has recently installed a 5KW wind turbine.

The company has planted over 9,000 trees on land close to its North Devon offices and there are a plethora of small schemes and initiatives that further add weight to the firm’s overall environmental standing.

These are too numerous to list but include: weekly bench marking of electricity and water usage, purchasing only FSC wood products and eco office supplies, using a green electricity supplier, sensor-controlled LED office lighting, high levels of insulation, all-in-one networked printer solution, double sided printing, recycling bins, composting and company cars which run on biodiesel.

“It’s a great job here,” said David. “Not only can we save people money we are opening a debate about being green and pushing other businesses to seriously look at their own actions.”


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